Here's what our customers have to say about our services...

John, thank you for your advice and assistance over the past couple of years.  It has been a pleasure knowing you, working with you, and learning from you.  


-Peggy Londre,

Owner, Willow Glen Electric,

San Jose, CA



John is very kind. I enjoy working with him enormously. 


-Roger Coulter,

CFO, General Bio-Diesel,

Seattle, WA





It has been wonderful working with John. It was such a great help having him assist us in our start-up transition to open our Seattle office.  His accounting experience to train our office manager made the process so much easier.    


-Georgina Toms,

Finance Manager, Signostics, Inc.
Adelaide, Australia





John, you have been the absolute best to work with.  You are very knowledgeable and a true gentleman.  I agree fully with Georgina.  We will certainly keep you in mind as we move forward with our company.  We were very fortunate to find you for this project. Best Regards,

-Rick Salzar,

VP Global Expansion, Signostics, Inc.

Adelaide, Australia





John has a broad range of international business and life experience to draw from, which is valuable to start-up entrepreneurs or seasoned business people. 


I came to know him when he was president of Maharishi Ayurved Corporation, at a time when Ayurveda was unknown to the Western world.  He set-up my accounting system for my private practice and has prepared my taxes for years. 


He is perceptive and it's enjoyable to work with him. John never seems to be discouraged with obstacles - when faced with a problem, he will find a solution. At various times when I was faced with critical decisions, I felt confident that I could seek his advice.  He listened attentively to my concerns and provided me with a balanced perception of choices to consider. 


-Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D.
Johns Hopkins & Stanford Trained
Teacher of Clinical Ayurveda,  Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine,

La Jolla, CA





John and I worked together as part of P&G's accounting system conversion team. P&G acquired Oral B-Labs from Gillette and John was brought in as the Senior Cost Accountant to maintain the existing system while we were focused on the conversion to SAP.  It was a 12-month project.


John has a great deal of accounting and business experience, which enabled him to learn quickly.  John knows the important questions to ask, and he is flexible - we moved our offices four times in 12-months. System conversions are challenging yet John always remained calm and maintained a positive attitude.  He was well respected by the entire conversion team and works well with a diverse group of people.  It was great working with him.  


-Graham Clark,
Accounting Manager,

City of Louisville, CO





When Proctor & Gamble acquired Oral-B Labs from Gillette, John Baumann joined the systems conversion team to convert Oral-B's ERP to P&G's SAP system.  He quickly assumed all my responsibilities as the Senior Cost Accountant. 


Additionally, during his first week, he was asked to function as the liaison between Oral-B P&G's external auditors. He participated in all senior management meetings. He is an excellent Team Member; he will take on and resolve any issues, was effective and efficient at costing Oral-B's new products, and analyzing and discussing cost variances with Division Managers. 


When corporate called concerned that Oral B's Canadian corporate tax return had not been completed by Gillette, John volunteered to prepare it - it was filed on time. 


When Terex started to recruit me I wanted to get John's advice.  He helped me make a major career decision that turned out to be beneficial to me.


-Chris Bruck,
CPA, Controller, Terex - Minerals Processing Systems USA,

Iowa City, IA





John is a wonderful person to work with. He is incredibly detailed with his thinking, dedicated, inquisitive, and he retains a focus on adding value to the client experience. He continues to amaze me in his display of in-depth knowledge and experience.


Most importantly, John is genuine in his discussions and a professional you can trust.


Thank you Mr. Baumann. 


Dennis Henry,
Contract ABL Examiner/ CFO,Controller,

Seattle, WA





John was President of Maharishi Ayurveda Corporation when the board of directors asked me to evaluate his performance.  I had the opportunity to work closely with him for over two months in an extraordinarily complex, new-age, healthcare market.  We visited the company's medical centers in Pacific Palisades, CA, Fairfield, IA, and Lancaster, MA. 


Given my own experience of recruiting senior executives with May Company, I was impressed with his ability to observe the problems and quickly integrate workable solutions. His verbal and written communication skills were clear and precise; his ability to focus on the key issues and his ability to assign responsibility to senior managers was straightforward. 


John was directly responsible for managing the construction, renovation, and finances for the medical centers in Fairfield, IA, and Lancaster, MA. I told the board that if he had approached May Company we would have offered John a position on our senior executive team. 


-Stanley Goodman,
Retired Chairman of the Board and CEO May Company, 

St. Louis, MO





When I joined the medical school I soon realized the patient billing and insurance process needed a major revision.  We recruited John Baumann as the Assistant Business Manager for the Department of Medicine with the sole directive to upgrade the department's billing system for our 170 physicians in thirteen subspecialty divisions as the existing system was fraught with problems. 


Mr. Baumann organized a team of accountants. He systematically went through the diplomatic process of meeting with each Division Chief and their staff to identify their requirements. The doctors and their support staff responded positively to him. The system upgrade was completed on-time with favorable results, e.g. our patient insurance processing time was reduced from five months to one month. Most importantly patient complaints are now at a minimum.  


Mr. Baumann requested a much deserved six-month leave of absence to attend a training course in France. When he returned his next directive was to convert the patient billing system at Jewish Hospital.  


-David Kipnis, M.D.
Former Professor of Medicine Washington University School of Medicine, 
Chairman, Department of Medicine, 
Physician-in-Chief, Barnes-Jewish Hospital of St. Louis





A few years ago I was the managing director of Human Factors Europe, Ltd, a subsidiary of Human Factors International, a global Usability Consulting and Training company operating out of offices in India, Singapore, UK, and USA


John was the accounting project manager to convert the accounting system for the UK, USA, and Singapore offices. During the conversion for the UK office, John provided a crucial financial reporting and accounts management role. This helped us to manage and maintain our daily operations with more accurate forecasts.


Additionally, he managed the financial and VAT audit with our external auditors. 


I have known John for years; he is trustworthy and resourceful.  He is focused and dedicated to the project, but it's also fun to work with him. 


-Nigel Grace,
Former Managing Director, Human Factors Europe, Ltd. 





John and I worked together for Twin Galaxies, a company that tracks video game world records, and conducts a program of electronic-gaming promotions.

Twin Galaxies received an infusion of capital from an East Coast venture capital firm and brought on a team of experts to provide creative design, software coding, marketing, and to solicit sponsors. 

I worked with the VP of marketing and John was responsible for talking to potential sponsors.  Our roles overlapped during the e2 Game Conference in 
L.A. . There were eleven of us attending the conference, which included a film crew. When pandemonium ensued whilst trying to get our business and personal belongings together into one van, John, in his kind "drill instructor" manner got everyone organized and out the door.We just made it to the airport in time to catch our flight.

I had set up various meetings with potential sponsors, whom we both met at e2. I was impressed with the way John presented Twin Galaxies; he inspired the potential sponsor's enthusiasm about the company. His significant life and business experience give him the ability to deal with almost every business scenario. He is easy to work with; he collaborates easily with all stakeholders; he is kind and sets a good example both following and giving directives. John is a natural leader.

-Emma Wohl,
Former Director of Marketing, Twin Galaxies,

London, England





Baumann-Partners was instrumental in helping me launch my first business. John's ability to observe all the details I had created, come up with a list of clear action steps, and mentor me as I executed them was invaluable.


He recommended Xero for my online accounting software, which I am now using. 


John communicates with clarity and kindness; I never felt intimidated or that there was a "wrong question" to ask. He was very forthcoming with examples of his personal experience and genuine enthusiasm for my journey; John is a delightful optimist.


His attention to the structure and probable flow of business allowed me to focus on the spirit and creativity that inspired me to start in the first place.


I feel confident that as my business expands, John will anticipate and prepare me for the next phase of growth in a logical and systematic way. 


-Jennifer Maidment,
Owner, Maidment Creative,

Seattle WA