Have a great business idea that needs funding? Or could your existing business use an infusion of investment capital?


In today’s fast-moving world, growth typically involves substantial capital.


We help you prepare and file the SEC paperwork for your Equity Crowdfunding venture.




We'll make sense of the SEC maze.


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has extensive, complex guidelines surrounding Equity Crowdfunding, and we can help you navigate them. At Baumann-Partners, we make filing easy, enjoyable, and affordable. Understanding that SEC regulation documents come under close scrutiny, we’re meticulous in our work and leave no stone unturned. 


Why Us?


Baumann-Partners has decades of experience helping small business owners bring their goals to fruition. Our founder, John Baumann, trained with KPMG—one of the world’s largest accounting firms—and provides accounting services for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. We’re passionate about bringing big ideas to light and we work with a broad spectrum of promising new ventures in technology, energy, the food industry, and other sectors.


Let’s Get Started!


The first step is an interview. We’ll discuss your project, your goals, and whether or not Equity Crowdfunding is for you. From there, we’ll begin to prepare the SEC Crowdfunding documents. No two companies are the same, but we’re transparent about costs, and we keep them low to offer you the best value. 


Let us help you raise Investor Capital for your next brilliant idea. Book an Equity Crowdfunding consultation today.


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What Is Equity Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding—essentially, raising contributions from a large number of people—helps ideas to flourish and allows generous donors to participate. Initially, crowdfunding offered indie musicians and artists a way to fund their dreams, but now startups are using it to raise millions to grow their businesses. With equity crowdfunding, you’re not asking for donations—you’re gathering investors. And instead of giving your donors T-shirts and CDs, you’re offering your investors equity and stock options.