Selected Industry Experience in Technology:


Accounting System Conversion


International Accounting Project Manager

Critical Process Components: 

Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring-Controlling, and Closing. 

Brief Scenario: 

The company had recently converted to an ERP that had not been implemented successfully. The company recruited a team of accountants to implement QBD and maintained parallel accounting systems. 


The company recruited a team who collaborated with CFO and president to establish all the requirements needed to convert from the existing ERP to QBD.  Utilized forensic accounting to recreate the company's financials, reviewed all international bank transactions for potential fraud, and reconciled bank statements going back twelve-months for both its China and London offices.  All accounting functions had to be reconciled; the financial data from hard-copy source documents were entered in QBD.  Excel templates were created to maintain monthly source documents for fixed assets and inventories. Accounts Receivable and Payables were reconciled to accurately account for transfer price and foreign exchange rates.  VAT was reconciled for the London office.

Provided support to the external audits for both Singapore and London offices.  

Progressive Results: 

The company's Board, President, and CFO were pleased with the results.