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You may be a well established business or a start-up.

We offer counsel for whatever stage of development your company is at to facilitate smooth and innovative growth.

Projects frequently create significant change and, for owners, managers and personnel, obstacles can often seem insurmountable. Rekindling your inspiration with creative thinking based on experience, identifying and analyzing positive & negative company patterns, and helping to establish a refreshed vision are a few of the ways we offer coaching assistance. 

Coaching Testimonials:

John was instrumental in helping me launch my first business. His ability to observe all the details I had created, come up with a list of clear action steps, and mentor me as I executed them was invaluable. John communicates with clarity and kindness; I never felt intimidated or that there was a "wrong question" to ask. He was very forthcoming with examples of his personal experience and genuine enthusiasm for my journey; John is a delightful optimist. His attention to the structure and probable flow of business allowed me to focus on the spirit and creativity that inspired me to start in the first place. I feel confident that as my business expands, John will anticipate and prepare me for the next phase of growth in a logical and systematic way. 

Jennifer Maidment
Topped LLC, Seattle WA

John Baumann has a broad range of international business and life experience to draw from, which is valuable to start-up entrepreneurs or seasoned business people.  I came to know him when he was president of Maharishi Ayurved Corporation, at a time when Ayurveda was unknown to the Western world.   He is perceptive and it's enjoyable to work with him. John never seems to be discouraged with obstacles - when faced with a problem, he will find a solution. At various times when I was faced with critical decisions, I felt confident that I could seek his advice.  He listened attentively to my concerns and provided me with a balanced perception of choices to consider. 

Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D.
Johns Hopkins & Stanford Trained
Teacher of Clinical Ayurveda,  
Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, La Jolla, CA