B.S. Professional Accounting
Southern Illinois University

Memberships & Groups

  • KPMG Alumni
  • CFO Network
  • Contractor with PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • QuickBooks Technical
  • Xero Certified Advisor-Partner Program
  • ServiceM8 Certified Support Partner
  • BMA Lean Accounting Group
  • Society of Cost Accountants
  • CPA Trendlines
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Former Member MGMA.
  • Accounting and Finance Professionals
  • Bookkeepers Club
  • Transcendental Meditation Program
  •  U.S. Marine Corps-Veteran

About Our Company

We are available to help you with your Bookkeeping and Accounting Projects regardless of your company's size.

You know every business started with the owner's thought to create and build a business to make a better product or provide a better service.  Steve Jobs wanted to get a "computer in the hands of everyday people". 

You know too, in general, growing a business requires a collaborative effort with the key functions of marketing, production or service, sales, and accounting.

Your thoughts, enthusiasm, and the excitement of building a business is energizing. That energy inspires you to keep going in the midst of obstacles and disappointments. As your business started to generate income, the money flowing in had energy too - powerful energy. 

Like most owners/managers, you probably find accounting to be a necessary evil; the critical information is not available when you need it; the numbers never seem to be what you expected. Accounting is important; it accounts for that money energy flowing in, yet its importance is to provide you with accurate information on a timely basis; so you can make intelligent decisions of where and when to spend the money. 

Accounting is based on a simple equation of Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Capital.  It is simple, yet accounting has become increasingly complex; it does not need to be. We help you integrate Lean Management into the accounting process to keep it simple.

Technology continues to change the accounting processes; however the principles remain unchanged. The accounting principles tend to be very specific from company-to-company regardless of the industry.   

Therefore, the accounting and project management tasks are easy to outsource. As you grow, we can help you realize these benefits every step of your way with: 

  • Timely access to experienced accounting and project management support.
  • Continuity in the maintenance, storage, and access of financial data.
  • Reduced bookkeeping/accounting and project management personnel costs.

My education is in accounting; fortunately, I received excellent training and experience with KPMG, one of the big-four accounting firms, and doing bookkeeping and accounting projects for start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. More recently, Baumann-Partners was selected to be one of PwC's contracting firms to join its National Advisory Group to work with SMB's.

My enthusiasm to start Baumann-Partners is to work with SMB's. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to provide basic bookkeeping-accounting support and help you with specific accounting projects, so you can focus more of your attention on what you enjoy most about growing your company.   

Thank you for considering our services!